print your photos

Get your photos out of the phone!


Do you know that feeling when printed photos arrive?

Little package that hides many beautiful memories on last summer, great party at your friend's place or selfies with your doggo. Doesn't ring a bell? That is probably because you are not a friend with photo printing!


You probably ask, why should you print, if you have all your photos sound and safe in your phone (or on cloud).

Well, that is nice, but simply it is not enough. Holding pictures in your hands simply give you completely different feeling than just scrolling through your Instagram feed.

Okay, you say, I might consider printing pictures. But what should I do since my phone is full of photos. How can I choose those for printing and not get lost in the crazy amount of it?

It won’t be for free. You have to clean up your phone gallery to make this task easier.

Step nr. 1: Think like Marie Kondo

Look at your photos and tell yourself: “Does it spark a joy?” And if not, delete it!

Step nr. 2: Select your photos day by day

In a selected day check all the photos and uncheck only those that you like and have some value. Rest of it simply delete. This is the simplest way to delete many duplicates (because obviously you had to take like 30 pictures of a sunset, not just one or two).

Step nr. 3: Create a folder


Do you really want to be organised? Put your photos into folders. You will find your favourites selfies with grandma or photos from a trip to a lake right away!

Step nr. 5: Choose your favourites

You can give “hearts” to your favourite photos and thanks to that you will easily realise which photos have a real value for you (and those deserve to be printed, am I right?).

Step nr. 5: Think before taking a photo

Less is better, so try to think more before taking a shot. Think about composition, light and if that picture will really make you happy.

With all the modern technology we forget about the most important thing: enjoy the moment without it. Just like this elegant woman, put your phone in your pocket and just feel it!

So what, now, since your phone is all tide and clean with all the pictures you have taken, you can start printing!